Newly Luddite

I recently deleted all of my social media channels. No more Facebook, no more Twitter, no more Instagram. I didn’t just deactivate these accounts or stop looking at them. I actually deleted all of the accounts permanently.

I have, until now, been an active social media user since at least 2004 when I created my first Friendster account. I even worked as a social media marketing director for a time working with businesses to create social media marketing campaigns.

I have been asked by more than one person to explain my rationale for living like a luddite. Please let me make this clear: I do not think everyone should leave social media. There are many people who have a much different relationship with their social media channels and I am so glad that is the case.

Here are the reasons I left social media and why I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Continue reading “Newly Luddite”